An Amazing Photographic Journey
A Million Miles From Normal


An Amazing Photographic Experience

The Wild West Experience


In 1849 the American Pioneer headed west in search of a better life...and GOLD! These adventurous pioneers left civilization behind, following rivers, crossing great plains, scaling treacherous mountains and crossing scorching deserts in order to find new and better lives for themselves. Often they faced hardships and dangers as they made their way through unknown territory.

The Amazing Journey


We are surrounded by natural beauty and interesting, historic  places. For our photography trips we will ride along trails once travelled by the American Pioneer. We will visit abandoned mines and Ghost Towns. Along the way we may see amazing wildlife and colorful wild flowers throughout the many mountains and valleys we travel.

 A true Wild West Experience!

Capturing the Beauty


A great photo starts with the perfect location. At Vegas Valley Photo Tours we have been exploring and photographing the Mojave Desert for over 40 years. We take you to some of the most amazing locations and work with you to get the best possible photos.

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